Blended Learning: Why You Should Be Mixing It Up

With the rapid advances in technology, many tolled the death knell for face-to-face training sessions. And yet, workshop-based learning is still very much alive and kicking. Adding other forms of learning activities – ‘blending’ them together in a flexible and learner-centred way – has created exciting programmes that are extremely popular with today’s employees.

How our blended learning can help you

What people particularly love about blended learning is:

What does blended learning involve?

Simply put, it is the practice of using both online and face-to-face learning experiences when developing employees. It can involve online workshops, F2F sessions and personal mentoring all combining to enrich someone’s understanding of a subject.

1-1 mentoring

As you would expect of someone who has written extensively on the subject, Michael Heath brings considerable expertise to any mentoring interaction and has helped many of his clients achieve real success in a variety of challenging situations.

Any mentoring that he undertakes for a client will always have clearly defined levels of confidentiality agreed with the various parties; he knows that this ensures an open and rewarding experience for the mentee and helps secure a deeper commitment to making real and profound change within their working or personal life.

Online complementary courses

Our online workshops are ideal activities to complement any blended learning initiative. We can offer them as standalone adjuncts to a programme you may already have designed, or work with you to create the whole blended learning programme from scratch.

Get blended learning with these courses

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