How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome

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Have you ever felt that you were a ‘phoney’ at work? That one day a colleague would tap you on the shoulder and tell you that you’ve been ‘found out’? That everyone has suddenly realised that you’re not up to your role and that you should do the decent thing and resign?

If those feelings are ones that torture you then don’t worry, you are not the only one! You are suffering from ‘Impostor Syndrome’ and there are a lot of people – some whom you’d be very surprised by – who also feel exactly the same way you feel.

This short course helps you identify, understand and successfully deal with Impostor Syndrome. By the end of the course you will have put together a set of actions that will make sure that you are able to put your Impostor Syndrome demon firmly back in its box, and allow you to enjoy a guilt-free and motivated working life once again.


3 reviews for How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome

  1. Isobel Edwards

    I completed this course recently to attempt to bury my feelings of imposterism once and for all! I am currently on maternity leave so the timing felt right as the thought of returning after a year off only increased my feelings of self doubt.
    I now feel more confident in my abilities and have practical actions to take with me on my return to work. The course was engaging, thought provoking and just the right length – I was even able to complete it with a demanding 5 month old in tow! Highly recommend.

  2. Gabriele Gelezauskaite

    This has been a fantastic course! Highly engaging with multiple interactive components and truly got me thinking, making me feel accountable for my own actions on myself! I completed this course over the period of a few weeks to work through the lessons and really reflect on just how much imposterism has gotten in the way of my life, and how I can train my mindset to reduce its presence. I am coming away from the course with a positive attitude and a more ‘can-do’ approach, regarding my capabilities and self-belief. I highly, highly recommend!

  3. Lucy

    I discovered MHConsult through LinkedIn and this particular course caught my eye. I started up my own business just this year. Everything has been going really well, but I have been struggling with imposter syndrome.
    This course has really helped me to understand why I am feeling this way and how to combat it. The platform was easy to use and I loved the videos.
    I’d definitely recommend to anyone who may be feeling like an imposter in their work & life.

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