You deserve an impostor-free life

And the freedom to enjoy the success in your career to the full.

beat imposter syndrome with our online course

What causes my feelings of Impostorism?

How can I let go of all this self-doubt?

Why do I feel I’m trapped in a cycle?

Why do I seem to be the only person in my team suffering from Impostor Syndrome?

You have the right to an Impostor Syndrome free life – the right to enjoy your achievements at work and not to feel like you’re a fraud…

Are you ready to reset your thinking?

Customer Testimonials

What people say?

Thank you very much, I really do feel like I gained a lot from doing this online workshop.
Hollie-Mae Janes
From Newcastle, UK
I really found this course really well structured and interactive!
Maral Hanna
From Oxford, UK

What's Included:

Change your thinking

Understand why Impostor Syndrome attacks your thinking – and can be so hard to budge!

  • Assess just how burdened you are by Impostor Syndrome
  • See how your colleagues might know you have Impostor Syndrome
  • Navigate your way through the causes
  • Identify the cycle that traps your thinking
  • Walk away with real solutions to dealing with Imposterism
  • Instructional Videos

    Interactive experience

    Move from videos to quizzes, personal reflection statements to online expertise:

  • Easy to digest modules
  • Appeals to a range of learning styles
  • Test your understanding
  • Do it all in one go – or at times and places that suit you
  • Lifetime access to the course materials – remotivate yourself when you need it!
  • Action Plans that work

    Experienced course writer

    Benefit from a course written by someone who has been mentoring and coaching at the highest level for over 20 years.

  • Experience of helping many people over a range of industries
  • Expert at understanding the psychological factors that shape Impostor Syndrome
  • International speaker and facilitator
  • Published business writer – including Dragons’ Den
  • Self-assessment quizzes


    By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

    Know yourself

    Assess to what extent you currently have Impostor Syndrome

    Be enlightened

    Describe what Impostor Syndrome is

    See how others see you

    List the common behaviours that suggest to your colleagues that you are experiencing Impostor Syndrome

    Understand why

    Describe the main causes of Impostor Syndrome for many people

    Recognise the traps

    Draw the Impostor Cycle and see what happens at each stage of the cycle

    Change your life

    List the 11 strategies that can help you deal with feelings of Impostor Syndrome

    Are you ready to get your Impostor Syndrome under control and change your life for the better?

    michael heath founder of mhconsult training and consulting


    Michael Heath
    Founder of MHConsult

    Michael has led his own Learning and Development consultancy for over 20 years. He is evangelical that every human being should have the opportunity to refine and reshape their thinking, their working lives and – most importantly of all – their very destinies through access to the best personal development.

    He has written 5 books (including co-authoring a publication for the popular TV series Dragons’ Den), presented at conferences all over the world and is regularly sought out as a personal mentor and coach. A keen musician, he finds the quiet of the piano keyboard the perfect antidote to all those people activities!


    "Another fantastic course from Michael! A great intro to Impostor Syndrome and how to deal with it. The interactive elements keep it fun and help to cement the learning"
    Madeleine Wakeling
    Cambridge, UK


    What are the benefits of doing this course?

    Dump the negative feelings once and for all

    Make self-sabotaging your career a thing of the past

    Get the role your talent deserves – without feeling guilty

    Change your working life for the better!

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