We use many of the methods you might have experienced on a public training course: facilitator input, videos, quizzes, self-reflection and action plans. We take these ingredients and skilfully arrange them to keep you engaged and stimulated throughout.

Absolutely not. The courses are arranged into ‘bite size’ chunks of learning that you can do in the way that suits you best. Many lessons are broken into separate modules which you can break off from – and then return to – when you are ready to start learning again.

Yes. When you have purchased a course, you have an individual licence and are able to access it for life. We know that many of our learners love to revisit courses that they have already completed.

No, when you buy any of our courses you can start them when it is convenient to you. There is no time limit at all that we impose on you.

Yes, you can. Our belief is that you should be able to learn in a way that fits with your preferred approach to learning. So you can pick and choose when, how and at what time you complete your courses.