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Why would you be interested in an online course about being more assertive? I suspect that your answer will be something like, ‘Because I want people to take me more seriously’ or ‘Because I want less hassle in my life’.

Whatever your answer, you’re doing this course because you are already convinced that being assertive makes life better. I can tell you it certainly does. As you’ll see time and again in the following lessons, being assertive is not always an easy journey, but you can take great comfort from the fact that you are on the right journey.

Whenever we’ve had a difficult conversation, or faced a situation that we found stressful, afterwards we will always look back and mull over how we behaved. If you look back and think to yourself, ‘that was really challenging, but I kept my calm and said the right thing in the right way’, that’s fantastic.

But what if you go back over the conversation and say to yourself, ‘that was really challenging, and there were times I should have spoken out rather than stayed quiet.’ I view that statement also as a healthy one. Why? Because, in your self-reflection, you identified what you should have done.

If you now resolve to speak up for yourself next time – and then do so – you will have grown your assertive self.

Like I said, it’s a journey. This short video tells you more about what to expect on the course.

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