It's time to change your assertive life

And for others to see a very different you: assertive, self-confident and ready to take your rightful place.

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What can I do to raise my self-esteem?

How can I be sure I'm not being offensive?

If I'm assertive, how should I look and sound?

What are the things I should say to be more assertive?

You have Assertive Rights in your work and home life – and the right to positively assert your presence

Are you ready to reset your thinking?

Customer Testimonials

What people say?

I really was impressed with the whole course - content, quality and user experience. I felt energised after the course and will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.
Alice Elsom
From Newmarket, UK
I really found this course really well structured and interactive!
Maral Hanna
From Oxford, UK

What's Included:

Change your thinking

Understand why so many get confused about assertiveness - and why it stops great people getting on in life!

  • Assess how assertive you are right now!
  • See how connected self-esteem and assertiveness really are
  • Separate assertiveness away from non-assertive behaviours
  • Identify the great sentences assertive people always use
  • Change your life!

Instructional Videos

Interactive experience

Move from videos to quizzes, personal reflection statements to online expertise:

  • Easy to digest modules
  • Appeals to a range of learning styles
  • Test your understanding
  • Do it all in one go – or at times and places that suit you
  • Lifetime access to the course materials – re-motivate yourself when you need it!

Action Plans that work

Experienced course writer

Benefit from a course written by someone who has been mentoring and coaching at the highest level for over 20 years.

  • Experience of helping many people over a range of industries
  • Expert at understanding the psychological factors that prevent assertiveness
  • International speaker and facilitator
  • Published business writer – including Dragons’ Den

Self-assessment quizzes


By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

Know yourself

Assess to what extent you currently have are assertive

Be enlightened

Describe what assertiveness really is

Enjoy the benefits of a 'new you'

List the benefits that assertive people always enjoy - at home and at work

Understand why

Link your sense of self-esteem to your ability to be assertive

Recognise the traps

Describe the 'thinking traps' your brain creates when under pressure

Change your life

Plan new behaviours, new responses and a new life

Are you ready to get your Impostor Syndrome under control and change your life for the better?

michael heath founder of mhconsult training and consulting


Michael Heath
Founder of MHConsult

Michael has led his own Learning and Development consultancy for over 20 years. He is evangelical that every human being should have the opportunity to refine and reshape their thinking, their working lives and – most importantly of all – their very destinies through access to the best personal development.

He has written 5 books (including co-authoring a publication for the popular TV series Dragons’ Den), presented at conferences all over the world and is regularly sought out as a personal mentor and coach. A keen musician, he finds the quiet of the piano keyboard the perfect antidote to all those people activities!


"The assertion course was incredible at not only teaching you about yourself and how you present yourself to the world but additionally equipping you with the ability to identify and manage aggressive and submissive individuals in constructive ways - invaluable skills for the office environment."
Lorna Cotter
Southampton, England


What are the benefits of doing this course?

Dump the ‘non-assertive you’ once and for all

Make submissiveness and aggression a thing of the past

Get the role your talent deserves – by changing the way others perceive you

Change your working life for the better!

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We use many of the methods you might have experienced on a public training course: facilitator input, videos, quizzes, self-reflection and action plans. We take these ingredients and skilfully arrange them to keep you engaged and stimulated throughout.

Absolutely not. The courses are arranged into ‘bite size’ chunks of learning that you can do in the way that suits you best. Many lessons are broken into separate modules which you can break off from – and then return to – when you are ready to start learning again.

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