About Us​

Our Story

A chance conversation in an airport lounge provided the original spark of an idea for Michael Heath. After asking what Michael did for a living, the businesswoman bemoaned the fact that her company had no commitment to her personal development, and she was worried that this was severely affecting her career chances for the future.


Out of this exchange, Michael started to consider whether the learning experience of a training room could successfully be transferred to an online offering for individuals, retaining the enjoyable and exciting elements of the face-to-face experience yet competitively priced.


And, voila! mhc-online was born.


Our Commitment


We want to provide you with the opportunity to access the best learning experiences, the latest thinking and the tips and techniques that will deepen your love of what you do whilst increasing the value of your skills in the marketplace.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

michael heath founder of mhconsult training and consulting

Michael Heath

Michael has led his own Learning and Development consultancy for over 20 years. He is evangelical that every human being should have the opportunity to refine and reshape their thinking, their working lives and – most importantly of all – their very destinies through access to the best personal development.

He has written 5 books (including co-authoring a publication for the popular TV series Dragons’ Den), presented at conferences all over the world and is regularly sought out as a personal mentor and coach. A keen musician, he finds the quiet of the piano keyboard the perfect antidote to all those people activities!

Penny Barkas

With a long career of managing large teams already under her belt, Penny is perfectly placed to mentor and coach today’s senior management ‘wannabies’. Her conviction that integrity, courage and self-awareness are at the heart of every great leader’s style is the foundation upon which all of her leadership development is based.

But being exposed to the strategic demands of senior management life has not dimmed her memory of what it’s like to manage ‘on the front line’ – and her leadership wisdom has helped many a manager through difficult times. An outstanding cook, she knows all about operating ‘in the heat of the kitchen’!