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How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome: Online Course

What is Impostor Syndrome?

Have you ever felt that you were a ‘phoney’ at work? That one day a colleague would tap you on the shoulder and tell you that you’ve been ‘found out’? That everyone has suddenly realised that you’re not up to your role and that you should do the decent thing and resign?

This short course helps you identify, understand and successfully deal with Impostor Syndrome. By the end of the course you will have put together a set of actions that will make sure that you are able to put your Impostor Syndrome demon firmly back in its box, and allow you to enjoy a guilt-free and motivated working life once again.

Online Assertiveness Course

How to be More Assertive

Why would anyone be interested in an online course about being more assertive? I suspect that many would answer with something like, ‘Because I want people to take me more seriously’ or ‘Because I want less hassle in my life’.

There are many benefits that assertive people enjoy. Not least the fact that they get noticed for all of the right reasons. They are seen as decisive and people who ‘get things done’. But assertiveness is a ‘learned behaviour’. We are not born assertive but, with the right guidance, can soon acquire the skill to such an extent that people believe that we were born to assert ourselves! As the course content points out: being assertive is not always an easy journey, but it is a journey towards a much better life – both at work and at home.

No Courses Found!

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Difficult Conversations: Handle challenging conversations

The presence of problems and conflict which arise out of the behaviour of others is a common feature of many working environments. The measure of any manager is how they approach these difficult behaviours and resolve issues quickly and effectively. This course addresses how to apply a systematic approach to these behaviours and arms delegates with proven techniques for getting the best from difficult employees.

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We believe that expert information, advice, tips and techniques should be available to all. Why should only those who work for the big organisations get access to the latest thinking? Here at mhconsult-online, we’re committed to your growth, whether in the workplace or - as is becoming increasingly the case - at home.

Michael Heath — Founder

We believe that the latest and best thinking is there for everyone – not just the few.

Whether you’re in an airport lounge, on a train or have a spare half-hour before your next appointment, our workshops are designed so that you can pick them up – or temporarily put them aside – in a way that fits neatly into your busy working life.

Simply choose your workshop and let’s begin our learning relationship. Welcome aboard!

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What Our Students Have to Say

“Thank you very much, I really do feel like I gained a lot from doing this online workshop.”
Hollie-Mae Janes
From Newcastle, UK
“Another fantastic course from Michael! A great intro to Impostor Syndrome and how to deal with it. The interactive elements keep it fun and help to cement the learning.”​
Madeleine Wakeling
From Cambridge, UK
“I really found this course really well structured and interactive!”
Maral Hanna
From Oxford, UK
“I really was impressed with the whole course - content, quality and user experience. I felt energised after the course and will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.”
Alice Elsom
From Newmarket, UK